What is Streaming Media?

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Streaming media refers to continuous multimedia streaming that needs minimal storage. Streaming refers to both the method of delivery and the actual content. It’s a popular type used in Internet technology. It is used for video and audio as well as for many other applications in the field of entertainment.

Though streaming media is like television However, it’s distinct. Users are able to pause, fast-forward, and rewind content without changing the order of the information. Streaming Media does not depend on data sequence, as it sends and receives according to the available bandwidth. It was popularized in the mid 1990s when network speeds rose. It was necessary to increase bandwidth in order for technology to work properly.

Streaming media is a collection of audio and video content transferred over the Internet in compressed form. The video or audio content can then be played over a device. As opposed to audio or video file formats, streaming media is able to play for an extended amount of time. The media streaming is downloaded from remote servers and continuously transfered via the Internet.

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