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A population of close to 300,000, Ufa is a city with a long and rich history. Its distinct blend of Christian and Islamic traditions is evident in the numerous churches and museum. The diverse cultural heritage of the city guarantees that it will continue to attract international visitors. UFA is also a powerful political organization.

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The UFA was formed in 1917 under the German government in order to help promote German culture as well as its international image. It was a state-run organization. UFA was a government-controlled organization that produced historical films as well as costume plays and acquired theatres. In 1931, the UFA’s Madame Dubarrystarring Ernst Lubitsch became a worldwide hit. UFA remains committed to providing quality entertainment and educational programs to children.

As part of the digital RPM systemUFAs could be processed. They are a contract between the sponsor and the researcher. They can include nondisclosure agreements (Nondisclosure Agreement), Data Use Agreement (Data Transfer Agreement), or Cooperative Research Agreement. To complete the process, PIs sign a UFA task. The UFA is also required to be approved by the investigator who is the main investigator for it to be reviewed and approved by the ORSP for ORSP review.